Tariff Restructuring

Tariff Restructuring

We regularly find that Australian businesses are operating under tariffs that are either outdated or unsuitable to the level of energy use at the site. Our tariff restructuring activities can lead to substantial savings over standard contract periods. Over the last almost 20 years we have developed significant expertise and extensive knowledge in relation to the complexities of energy tariff structuring and network delivery charges.

We ensure that our customers are using the most appropriate network tariff for their business.

“Electricity savings are pure profit. There is more to saving money on electricity than being on the best available tariff, but that's a great start. The Energy Alliance team have done the research and negotiation to bring us the best available rates in the market and continue to review, not only our total usage, but how we use our electricity. I receive monthly reports that detail how our electricity is charged. Andy Barton analysed these and made recommendations that reduced our cost by around $4500/year. Furthermore, by applying these recommendations, we now qualify for a lower tariff, I expect will reduce our cost by another $1500/year. 

Andy and the team at the Energy Alliance provide a great service in a professional manner. They have earned my trust, I am confident that they can earn yours.”

Subway, 20 years

Multi-Site Franchisee - Subway, 20 years