Guardian Metering Solutions

Guardian Metering Solutions

The energy market is both complex and rapidly evolving which makes it challenging for most businesses to ensure they are not only maintaining a competitive cost base, but their power consumption is used efficiently.  At minimum, this requires access to accurate data and rich reporting.

As a result, The Energy Alliance has developed a total spend management solution to ensure that businesses have complete control and peace of mind over their energy expenses and ongoing liabilities.

Introducing Guardian Metering

Our innovative solution that incorporates critical energy management services to pro-actively manage all facets of your energy spend whilst our team of energy experts empower you with knowledge to help you make informed decisions for the future.

Guardian Metering also complements Power of Choice meter reforms, providing large businesses with options to choose independent metering from a range of accredited metering providers so you retain control over your meter and importantly the data feed which dictates your monthly billing and power demands.

Our premium Guardian Metering solution includes:

  • A cloud-based Energy Reporting Platform
  • Automated monthly Bill Validation & Rectification
  • Network Tariff Optimisation
  • Demand Management & Resets
  • Budgeting and Accruals
  • Carbon Emissions Reporting
  • Contract & Risk Management
  • Procurement Strategies & Advisory Services
  • Central Repository for all Bills & Agreements
  • Market & Metering Data Insights
  • Site by Site Performance Benchmarking
  • Access to Government Grants
  • Feasibility Studies for LED, Solar, PFC and more
  • Dedicated support via our Customer Care Program

Two levels of Guardian Metering are available to suit your commercial needs:

  • Guardian Silver – our standard level of protection
  • Guardian Gold – our premium solution which includes the online Energy Reporting Platform.

Speak to one of our friendly Energy Consultants to gain further insight on how our Guardian Metering solutions can transform your business to become more energy and cost efficient.

Energy Alliance presents Guardian Metering Energy Reporting Platform

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"I highly recommend the services of The Energy Alliance. I have had the team sort my energy needs at 6 sites in the past few years. Most of the time everything was really straight forward, however one site of ours had damaged and tampered meters from previous tenants. We were facing disconnections from Ausgrid, being a 24/7 gym, this was not ideal. This is when the value of The Energy Alliance was realised, they dealt with all parties, arranged specialist works, meter consolidation & replacement. The whole process took a while, I wouldn't have known what to do myself - I'm lucky I had them in my corner."

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