Metering Solutions

Metering Solutions

We provide world class metering solutions to monitor energy usage. Our data integrity is of the highest calibre and allows for accurate appraisal and analysis of energy usage.

The benefits of our metering solutions include:

  • Real time information re daily consumption that can be acted upon to prevent future bill shock
  • Analysis from a technical and financial perspective to enable better power usage management
  • Monitoring of Co2 emmissions
  • Ability to benchmark usage against similar businesses in the same industry
  • Accurately measuring peak demand loads to reduce operational costs
  • Providing evidence to justify and negotiate future tariff restructuring with energy providers

"I highly recommend the services of The Energy Alliance. I have had the team sort my energy needs at 6 sites in the past few years. Most of the time everything was really straight forward, however one site of ours had damaged and tampered meters from previous tenants. We were facing disconnections from Ausgrid, being a 24/7 gym, this was not ideal. This is when the value of The Energy Alliance was realised, they dealt with all parties, arranged specialist works, meter consolidation & replacement. The whole process took a while, I wouldn't have known what to do myself - I'm lucky I had them in my corner."

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