Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement

The Energy Alliance has developed strong and long standing relationships with all of the major and second tier energy retailers in Australia. Working closely with large commercial and industrial business groups, franchise groups and associations, we utilise our vast knowledge and industry experience to achieve outcomes that these groups would be unable to achieve without engaging us to provide our procurement services.

Once our customers have submitted their most recent energy bill for our free analysis we undertake the following process:

  • Utilising our proprietary bill analysis software we determine the energy retailers that are best suited for that customer’s particular patterns of energy usage
  • We then negotiate with the selected energy retailers to obtain the best possible rates and terms
  • Once we have received all possible pricing options, we prepare a detailed energy analysis which outlines the amount we can save our customers should they choose to adopt our recommendation
  • From that point, if the customer proceeds, we facilitate the contract with the recommended energy retailer
  • Post commencement, we check the first invoice to ensure that the terms agreed with the retailer have been reflected in the retailer’s billing
  • Our relationship with our customers continues through the life of their energy contracts to ensure that at all times billing is accurate and that our customers receive the appropriate level of service and responsiveness from the energy retailers

Winner of the IPCA 2019 Special Recognition Award

“Energy Alliance is the winner of this year's Special Recognition Award. They have worked tirelessly to provide the best energy rates for franchise owners in Australia over the past year. They have also supported franchise owners with billing issues and are working on ways to provide them with better rates than the current embedded network.”

Assistant Category Manager

Sheree Ou - Assistant Category Manager